The Richmond Group of companies was incorporated in Islamabad, Pakistan involved in import/export, indenting/bidding at government/private companies. The steady growth and success of the Richmond Group and the position it secured as a leading business house and the trust placed in Richmond Group and associated companies by its customers, employees and some of the most renowned international principals.
The Group actively participates in national growth and economic and social development. Highly motivated teams of the Business and Service divisions and subsidiary companies fulfil customers' needs in accordance with the short and long-term objectives set by them.
Since its inception, the goods and services provided by Richmond Group and the associated companies have led to improved productivity in the agricultural sector, in the information and communication technology field, as well as the construction and mining, transportation, telecommunication, power generation and distribution, environment, defense and sanitation sectors. The company strives with dedication to determine the needs of the Clients and excels in providing the Right Solutions to meet the client's expectations and attain the critical success factors in respect of Service Quality, state of the art equipment and services, Superior Underwriting, Skilled professionals, Customer Relationship Management.